Learn to Type in Arabic

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Essalamu alaikom,

Croisoft Arabic Typing Tutor is a software that teaches touch typing in Arabic.

The software is still in its begining and needs more improvements. If you are interested contributing, here are 3 options:

1. Buy: You can contribute by buying your copy for $11.95

2. Donate: Or you can either choose to donate through Paypal an amount of $1, $5, $10 or $20

3. Refer my website: Otherwise, I'll ask you to think about a person who might help and refer him to my website.

Wa Jazakumu Allahu Khayran

If you have purchased a copy of the software, please allow 12 hours for your download link to be emailed to you upon submitting your payment.
For your questions and concerns you can always reach me @anismarrouchi@hotmail.com. Croisoft Arabic Tutor will always evolve.
If you ever found our application useful or have a great idea that could make Croisoft Arabic Typing Tutor even better don't hesitate to share it with us.

I'm looking for backers and funders who could potentially finance my project. Your contribution is really appreciated. Skype:marrouchi; Phone: +216-24-309-128

We won't spam you or sell your email address.

Thank you!

You'll hear from us when we launch.